Yanni Inspirato available for Pre-Order

Yanni Inspirato is the masterpiece album from Yanni, Yanni greatest music performed by the world’s most extraordinary voices:

Plácido Domingo, Renée Fleming, Rolando Villazón, Katherine Jenkins, Vittorio Grigólo,
Russell Watson, Micaëla Oeste, Nathan Pacheco, Chloe Lowery, Lauren Jelencovich,
Plácido Domingo Jr., and Pretty Yende

Yanni, working in partnership with the legendary operatic superstar Plácido Domingo and producer Ric Wake, has assembled a stellar line-up of the greatest singers to perform on his new album, INSPIRATO. Yanni’s timeless compositions have been transformed by the addition of lyrics and tells the story of the loves of YANNI’s life.

This project took 4 years to complete and over 30 years to compose the music that inspired it. This is a one of a kind album, there has never been another album like this and there will never be another album like this.

Pre-Order your copy now

Yanni Inspirato

Yanni Inspirato

Track List for “Inspirato” Album

1. Renée Fleming – I Genitori (To Take To Hold)
2. Vittorio Grigòlo – Come Un Sospiro (Almost A Whisper)
3. Plácido Domingo – Ode Alla Grecia (End Of August)
4. Katherine Jenkins – L’Ombra Dell’Angelo (Nice To Meet You)
5. Nathan Pacheco – Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio in C Minor)
6. Plácido Domingo & Renée Fleming – Hasta El Último Momento (Until The Last Moment)
7. Plácido Domingo, Nathan Pacheco, Plácido Domingo Jr.,
Micaëla Oeste, Chloe Lowery – Riconoscimento (Tribute)
8. Russell Watson – Incanto (Enchantment)
9. Plácido Domingo Jr. – Il Primo Tocco (First Touch)
10. Lauren Jelencovich – Usignolo (Nightingale)
11. Rolando Villazón – La Prima Luce (In The Morning Light)
12. Pretty Yende – Ode Á L’Humanité (Ode To Humanity)
13. Katherine Jenkins & Nathan Pacheco – Nello Specchio (In The Mirror)

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Yanni: Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico – Available in Stores

Yanni’s new CD and DVD, “Yanni: Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico” is available online and in stores. You can order your copy right now from amazon.

You can listen to the album by Clicking Here: Yanni Live At El Morro

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Yanni A Living Legacy – New Live Video

Yanni a Living Legacy is a new video from Yanni which will be available on April 26, 2011, you can pre-order your copy from amazon right now

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Yanni Truth of Touch is Available in Stores Now

Yanni Truth of Touch is the new album from Yanni, today marks the release of the album, you can order your copy now.

Yanni Truth Of Touch

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Yanni – East Meets West for the Chinese New Year CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Yanni performed at the 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the Chinese New Year on February 9th. It is the first time a non Chinese artist has been invited to the event.

CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the largest television show in the world reaching more than one billion (1,000,000,000) viewers. It’s broadcast-ed globally and is known by virtually every Chinese person around the world.

The gala is held every year to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and is broadcast live to the world on the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Yanni will be joined on stage by famous Zither performer, Chang Jing, who was a featured solo artist during the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

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Yanni Live From El Morro, Puerto Rico Available for Pre-Order

Yanni Live from el Morro the new video from Yanni is available for pre-order from amazon, so far I can see three version of it available, I will try to get you the details on what is the differences between those.

Yanni Live at El morro

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Yanni Live at el Morro

Yanni Live at el Morro is comming to PBS on march.

This program will air exclusively on PBS during their spring pledge drives.  Filmed in San Juan, Puerto Rico at Castillo San Felipe del Morro, this once in a lifetime event features many of Yanni’s classic hits, as well as several new pieces.

Also stayed tuned, there will be a new video which will be released for this concert.

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Yanni First Ever Live Web Performance with Voyage

Check out Yanni First Ever live web performance.

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Yanni Live Webcast Video with Lauren Sanchez

Below is the videos for Yanni live webcast which was done on March 16, 2011

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Yanni Connects with Fans – Chat LIVE with Yanni!

Yanni Live Chat


Hosted by: Lauren Sanchez

When: Wednesday, March 16th

Where: http://www.livestream.com/officialyanni

Time: TBA

More information: Yanni.com

For the FIRST TIME EVER Yanni will be connecting with fans during a live webcast on Wednesday, March 16th. He will answer your questions live and share details on his upcoming concert tour and new album, “Truth of Touch.”

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